10:00am, Sunday 19 May
St Giles’ Cripplegate Church, EC2Y 8DA

Music by Amy Summers, Paul Ayres, Daniele Croce, Amy Beach, Simon Jackson, and Cecilia McDowall

Call for Scores submission

Other events on Sunday 19 May

10:00am Sung EucharistMusic by Margaret Poston and Elizabeth Stratford
10:00am Sung CommunionMusic by Richard Dacey, Nigel Williams, and Jenni Pinnock
10:00am Parish CommunionMusic by Paul Ayres
10:30am Choral EucharistMusic by Owain Park and Francis Melville
10:30am Sung Holy CommunionMusic by Rupert Jeffcoat
11:00am Choral MatinsMusic by Gail Randall, Ben Parry, Matthew Martin, Jonathan Harvey, Edward Slater, Ian Curror, and Errollyn Wallen
11:00am Choral EucharistMusic by Harold Darke and James MacMillan
11:00am Sung MassMusic by Ernest Bullock, Martyn Noble, and Charles West
11:00am MassMusic by Neil Cox, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Gregor Aichinger
11:00am Choral EucharistMusic by Cecilia McDowall, Grayston Ives, and Judith Weir
11:00am Sung MassMusic by Cecilia McDowall and Jonathan Harvey
11:00am Choral EucharistMusic by Alison Willis
3:00pm Choral EvensongMusic by Billie Hylton, Sasha Johnson Manning, Anna Semple, Grayston Ives, Eleanor Daley, and Aleksander Jan Szopa
3:30pm Choral EvensongMusic by James MacMillan and Morten Lauridsen
6:00pm Choral Evening ServiceMusic by Maddie Melville-Smith and Sarah Cattley
6:30pm Choral EvensongMusic by Tamsin Jones, Richard Nye, Holly Smith, Derry Bertenshaw, and Noël Tredinnick