17 Marylebone Road
United Kingdom

Past Events

LFCCM 2023

11:00am, Sunday 14 May Choral EucharistMusic by Jonathan Dove

LFCCM 2019

5:30pm, Thursday 16 May Choral EvensongThe St Marylebone School Chapel Choir performs works by John Rutter, Bob Chilcott, and Cecilia McDowall
11:00am, Sunday 19 May Choral EucharistMusic by Cecilia McDowall, Paul Mealor, Jamie Rogers, and Callum Anderson

LFCCM 2018

11:00am, Sunday 13 May Choral EucharistMusic by Paul Mealor and Bertie Baigent
5:30pm, Thursday 17 May Choral EvensongMusic by John Rutter and Howard Goodall

LFCCM 2017

7:00pm, Saturday 6 May Pre-concert talk
7:30pm, Saturday 6 May “This Same Jesus”: Marcus Farnsworth and Matthew MartinSongs for baritone and organ, including music by Martin Bussey, Charles Villiers Stanford, William Byrd, Louis Vierne and Matthew Martin
6:00pm, Thursday 11 May Choral EvensongMusic by Paul Burke and Cecilia McDowall
11:00am, Sunday 14 May Choral EucharistMusic by Gregory Rose, Cheryl Frances-Hoad, and Steven Grahl

LFCCM 2016

11:00am, Sunday 8 May Choral EucharistMusic by Gabriel Jackson, Matthew Martin, Simon Lindley, and Jacques van Oortmerssen

LFCCM 2015

11:00am, Sunday 10 May Choral EucharistMusic by Jonathan Dove, Jonathan Rathbone, and Nicholas O’Neill

LFCCM 2014

11:00am, Sunday 18 May Choral EucharistMusic by Nico Muhly, Deborah Pritchard, and Steven Grahl
2:00pm, Sunday 18 May Organ RecitalSteven Grahl (Organist and Director of Music, St Marylebone Church, and Assistant Organist, New College Oxford) gives a recital including of contemporary British music, including works by John McCabe, Toby Young, Ian Farrington, James MacMillan