11:00am, Sunday 19 May
St Marylebone Parish Church, NW1 5LT

Music by Cecilia McDowall, Grayston Ives, and Judith Weir

Other events on Sunday 19 May

10:00am Sung EucharistMusic by Margaret Poston and Elizabeth Stratford
10:00am Choral EucharistMusic by Amy Summers, Paul Ayres, Daniele Croce, Amy Beach, Simon Jackson, and Cecilia McDowall
10:00am Sung CommunionMusic by Richard Dacey, Nigel Williams, and Jenni Pinnock
10:00am Parish CommunionMusic by Paul Ayres
10:30am Choral EucharistMusic by Owain Park and Francis Melville
10:30am Sung Holy CommunionMusic by Rupert Jeffcoat
11:00am Choral MatinsMusic by Gail Randall, Ben Parry, Matthew Martin, Jonathan Harvey, Edward Slater, Ian Curror, and Errollyn Wallen
11:00am Choral EucharistMusic by Harold Darke and James MacMillan
11:00am Sung MassMusic by Ernest Bullock, Martyn Noble, and Charles West
11:00am MassMusic by Neil Cox, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Gregor Aichinger
11:00am Sung MassMusic by Cecilia McDowall and Jonathan Harvey
11:00am Choral EucharistMusic by Alison Willis
3:00pm Choral EvensongMusic by Billie Hylton, Sasha Johnson Manning, Anna Semple, Grayston Ives, Eleanor Daley, and Aleksander Jan Szopa
3:30pm Choral EvensongMusic by James MacMillan and Morten Lauridsen
6:00pm Choral Evening ServiceMusic by Maddie Melville-Smith and Sarah Cattley
6:30pm Choral EvensongMusic by Tamsin Jones, Richard Nye, Holly Smith, Derry Bertenshaw, and Noël Tredinnick