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Upcoming Events

LFCCM 2024

10:30am, Sunday 19 May Sung Holy CommunionMusic by Rupert Jeffcoat

Past Events

LFCCM 2024

7:30pm, Friday 10 May “I Am Not Yet Born”: The Prayers of the InnocentsA concert of meditations on prayers for peace in times of conflict, featuring sacred music by Stephen Dodgson in his 100th anniversary year and Ronald Corp’s Dhammapada, a selection of Bhuddist scripture verses set to music for choir accompanied by pre-recorded bells and gongs.
2:00pm, Sunday 12 May Composer WorkshopVisiting composer Daniele Croce explores two of his recent works in detail with The LFCCM Festival Singers.

LFCCM 2023

10:30am, Sunday 14 May Sung Holy CommunionMusic by Toby Young
5:00pm, Sunday 14 May Choral EvensongMusic by Sarah Cattley, David Trendell, Philip Moore, and Eoghan Desmond
7:30pm, Saturday 20 May “A Berkeley Celebration”A celebration of the 75th birthday of Michael Berkeley CBE, the 120th anniversary of the birth of his father Lennox Berkeley, and the 400th anniversary of the death of William Byrd, featuring the premiere performance of a new work by Michael Berkeley, Released by Love, and a Q&A with the composer led by Petroc Trelawny.
10:30am, Sunday 21 May Sung Holy CommunionMusic by Rupert Jeffcoat
5:00pm, Sunday 21 May Choral EvensongMusic by Grayston Ives, David Trendell, David McGregor, and Judith Bingham
5:00pm, Sunday 11 June Choral EvensongMusic by Will Sims and Samuel Kemp

LFCCM 2022

10:30am, Sunday 8 May Sung Holy CommunionMusic by Paul Edis
5:00pm, Sunday 8 May Choral EvensongMusic by Judith Bingham, Howard Skempton, Gabriel Jackson, Mark Zang, Christopher Ouvry-Johns, Ghislaine Reece-Trapp, and Thierry Escaich
10:30am, Sunday 15 May Sung Holy CommunionMusic by Peter Tranchell, Geoffrey Webber, and Huw Watkins
5:00pm, Sunday 15 May Choral EvensongMusic by Jon Laukvik, Lucy Walker, Gabriel Jackson, Philip Moore, Peter Foggitt, and Cecilia McDowall

LFCCM 2019

7:00pm, Saturday 11 May Pre-Concert TalkPre-Concert Talk by Judith Weir and Ewan Campbell
7:30pm, Saturday 11 May “Praise Him with Trumpets”: Music for Trumpets and Voices: Il Suono and Simon DesbruslaisThis year’s Festival opens in spectacular fashion with a celebration of contemporary music for trumpets and voices, inspired by Judith Weir’s 2015 anthem Praise Him With Trumpets which was commissioned to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the founding of Hampton Court Palace.
10:30am, Sunday 12 May Choral EucharistMusic by Ian Gilbert Coleman, Renāts Cvečkovskis, and Birgitta Kenyon
6:00pm, Sunday 12 May Choral EvensongMusic by Peter Foggitt, Thomas Edney, Patrick Gardner, and Noah Max
6:30pm, Thursday 16 May Choral Evening PrayerMusic by Daniel Knaggs and Hugo Distler
10:30am, Sunday 19 May Choral EucharistMusic by Gil Donohue and Thomas Tallis
6:00pm, Sunday 19 May Choral EvensongMusic by Tomás Luis da Vittoria, William Petter, Jean Titelouze, Peter Foggitt, Kathryn Rose, and Manuel Valls

LFCCM 2018

10:30am, Sunday 13 May Parish EucharistMusic by Marco Galvani and Peter Foggitt
6:00pm, Sunday 13 May Choral EvensongMusic by Mark Bellis, Michael Praetorius, Oscar Ridout, and Martin Bussey
10:30am, Sunday 20 May Parish EucharistMusic by John Taverner and Philip Godfrey
6:00pm, Sunday 20 May Choral EvensongMusic by Ed McCauley, William Petter, Marco Galvani, and Peter Foggitt

LFCCM 2014

6:00pm, Sunday 18 May Choral EvensongMusic by John Tavener, Giles Swayne, James Sherlock, and Francis Pott

LFCCM 2013

10:30am, Sunday 19 May Choral Eucharist(Repertoire pending confirmation)