The Good Shepherd has Risen

This is a live recording of The Good Shepherd has Risen by William Petter. It was performed at St Pancras Parish Church on Sunday 10 May 2015 by The Choir of St Pancras Parish Church directed by Christopher Batchelor. The organist is Michael Waldron.

William Petter (1982 – 2016) began his singing life as a chorister at New College, Oxford, under the direction of Edward Higginbottom. He first started singing as a tenor while studying for a degree in Neuroscience at University College, London, going on to complete postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Music, receiving the Academy’s highest award, the Distinction with DipRAM.

Based in London, Petter divided his time between singing, conducting and teaching. He particularly enjoyed consort work, having performed with The Sixteen and the Choir of the Enlightenment; he also performed regularly with Philharmonia Voices, Britten Sinfonia Voices, Westminster Abbey Choir, and many other London church choirs. He was the Director of Music at the church of St Magnus the Martyr and was formerly the Musical Director of both Concordia Voices and the Sine Nomine Singers chamber choir. He taught singing at Orchard House School in Chiswick.

Petter’s compositions include two masses, both premiered at St Magnus the Martyr, various carols and arrangements, anthems, and a set of Preces and Responses with an extended setting of The Lord’s Prayer.

‘Sing to the Lord a new song’… since 2002 the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music has been commissioning new songs for the church to sing, breathing new life into the ancient traditions of church music.

Reverend Anne Stevens, Vicar of St Pancras