St Michael's Alley
United Kingdom

Upcoming Events

LFCCM 2024

6:00pm, Tuesday 14 May Choral EvensongMusic by John Holmes, Rhiannon Randle, Orlando Gibbons, and David Goode

Past Events

LFCCM 2023

1:00pm, Monday 15 May Organ Recital by David GoodeMusic by William Byrd, Nicholas O’Neill, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Haynes, Max Reger, and Johann Sebastian Bach
6:00pm, Tuesday 16 May Choral EvensongMusic by Philip Moore, Herbert Howells, Sebastian Johnson, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and Cecilia McDowall

LFCCM 2022

6:00pm, Monday 9 May Choral EvensongMusic by John Rutter, James Cryer, John Bertalot, Charles Villiers Stanford, Rhiannon Randle, and Francis Pott

LFCCM 2019

6:00pm, Monday 13 May Choral EvensongMusic by James Cryer, Arnold Bax, Alan Gray, and Ralph Vaughan Williams

LFCCM 2018

6:00pm, Monday 14 May Choral EvensongMusic by William Byrd, Rhiannon Randle, and Gerald Finzi