Lower Thames Street
United Kingdom

Past Events

LFCCM 2022

11:00am, Sunday 15 May Solemn High MassMusic by Anthony Esland, Grayston Ives, and Stuart Beatch

LFCCM 2019

11:00am, Sunday 19 May High Mass for the Fifth Sunday of EasterMusic by Alexander Blustin and Anthony Esland

LFCCM 2018

11:00am, Sunday 13 May Solemn High MassMusic by Marco Galvani and Harley Jones

LFCCM 2017

11:00am, Sunday 14 May Parish Mass with SermonMusic by Ian Gilbert Coleman and Frank La Rocca

LFCCM 2016

11:00am, Sunday 15 May Parish Mass with SermonMusic by Peter Foggitt and William Petter

LFCCM 2015

11:00am, Sunday 17 May High MassMusic by William Petter and Peter Foggitt

LFCCM 2014

11:00am, Sunday 11 May High MassMusic by Nikolas Labrinakos, Thomas Nevell, and William Petter

LFCCM 2013

11:00am, Sunday 19 May Parish Mass & SermonMusic by Kenneth Leighton, Cecilia McDowall, John Eady, and Philip Moore