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Past Events

LFCCM 2019

5:30pm, Tuesday 14 May Choral EvensongMusic by Kerensa Briggs and Robert Keeley
1:10pm, Wednesday 15 May Choral EucharistMusic by George Benjamin and Philip Moore

LFCCM 2017

5:30pm, Tuesday 9 May Choral Evensong(Repertoire pending confirmation)
1:10pm, Wednesday 10 May Choral Eucharist(Repertoire pending confirmation)

LFCCM 2016

5:30pm, Tuesday 10 May Choral EvensongMusic by Robert Keeley and Matthew Martin
1:10pm, Wednesday 11 May Choral EucharistMusic by Rhian Samuel and Olivier Messiaen

LFCCM 2015

5:30pm, Tuesday 12 May Choral EvensongMusic by Robert Busiakiewicz, Gareth Wilson, and Antony Pitts
10:30am, Wednesday 13 May Seminar with Professor Ben Quash and Francis PottProfessor of Christianity and the Arts at KCL Ben Quash is joined by guest composer Francis Pott and leads a lively dialogue on the challenges of writing church music today
1:00pm, Wednesday 13 May Choral EucharistMusic by Gareth Wilson and Francis Grier

LFCCM 2014

2:30pm, Tuesday 13 May SeminarLed by Professor Ben Quash, with Michael Berkeley, LFCCM composer-patron
5:15pm, Tuesday 13 May Choral EvensongMusic by Anthony Wilson and Robert Keeley

LFCCM 2013

11:00am, Tuesday 14 May Seminar: Music & TheologyProfessor Ben Quash leads a seminar looking at the purpose of contemporary music in the modern day liturgy, with guest speaker Michael Berkeley
5:30pm, Tuesday 14 May Choral EvensongMusic by Gareth Wilson, Matthew Martin, and Francis Grier

LFCCM 2012

11:00am, Tuesday 15 May SeminarProfessor Ben Quash and Edward Wickham discuss the relationship between theology and music
5:30pm, Tuesday 15 May Choral Evensong(Repertoire pending confirmation)

LFCCM 2010

5:00pm, Tuesday 11 May Pre-Service TalkPre-Service Talk by Robert Keeley
5:30pm, Tuesday 11 May Choral EvensongMusic by Bernard Rose, Robert Keeley, and Susan Laurie