7 Margaret Street
United Kingdom

Past Events

LFCCM 2022

6:00pm, Sunday 8 May Evensong and Benediction Music by Anna Semple
11:00am, Sunday 15 May High MassMusic by Philip Moore

LFCCM 2019

11:00am, Sunday 12 May High MassMusic by Gabriel Jackson, Harry Bramma, and David Bednall
6:00pm, Sunday 19 May Evensong and BenedictionMusic by Matthew Martin, Christopher Gilbert, James Sherwood, and Simon Johnson

LFCCM 2018

11:00am, Sunday 13 May Parish EucharistMusic by Andrew Gant and Dan Locklair
11:00am, Sunday 20 May High MassMusic by Daniel Knaggs and Paul Spicer

LFCCM 2016

11:00am, Sunday 15 May High Mass(Repertoire pending confirmation)

LFCCM 2015

11:00am, Sunday 17 May High MassMusic to include a tribute to John McCabe

LFCCM 2014

11:00am, Sunday 18 May High MassMusic by Richard Rodney Bennett and John McCabe
6:00pm, Sunday 18 May Evensong and BenedictionMusic by Grayston Ives

LFCCM 2013

2:00pm, Wednesday 15 May Organ recitalMusic by Kenneth Leighton