Jeremy Hubbard


Jeremy Hubbard, born 1992, is a composer, producer, vocalist and sound artist currently based in the New Forest, Hampshire, having graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2016. The majority of his sonic works delve deep into the underlying fabric of the modern technological age and attempts to forgo our increasing reliance on immediacy, extending the time-frame and spatial dynamics of the normal and every-day, uncovering the otherwise inaudible and exposing imperfections as to create a wide array of sonic and visual works from both natural and unnatural sources.

Recent projects include works such as Jökulvatn, a sonic exploration of the differing states of water within the context of a melting Icelandic glacier, using recordings captured in the Snæfellsjökull National Park; both the Bus:Music and Tube:Music series of works, where electro-magnetic signals captured from moving London buses and tube trains are transformed into flowing, chordal soundscapes; and his other major series of works, Experiments with Time, an ever evolving exploration into the eternally close relationship between time and pitch.

Alongside his creative work, Jeremy is also busy performing as a choral baritone with a number of top chamber choirs. These include the award winning Chantage Chamber Choir, the Icosa Chamber Choir and the Courtauld Gallery Chamber Choir. Jeremy is a former member of the National Youth Chamber of Great Britain and the Orlando Chamber Choir. He works as a concert recordist and videographer working with many groups of various persuasions and styles, including as a freelance audio/video editor/producer and Content Creator for music production company Samplephonics.