LFCCM 2020, which was scheduled to take place between Saturday 9 May and Sunday 17 May 2020, will be postponed until 2021.

Why are you taking this action?

Government and ecclesiastical advice is unanimous: it is not safe, either for performers or audience members, to hold liturgical services or concerts during the global coronavirus pandemic. As a result, the Festival cannot in good conscience proceed with live performance events during May 2020.

What will happen to LFCCM 2020?

LFCCM 2020 will become LFCCM 2021 and will take place between Sunday 16 May and Sunday 23 May 2021. We anticipate all events and associated repertoire previously planned for LFCCM 2020 will instead take place as part of LFCCM 2021.

Will there be any events taking place instead of LFCCM 2020?

No live performance events can take place during May 2020. Instead, recorded performances from the Festival’s archives will be made available online for streaming as part of a mini “virtual” Festival running between Tuesday 12 May and Sunday 17 May 2020. Additionally, BBC Radio 3 is re-broadcasting a recorded performance from LFCCM 2011 in place of the live broadcast it would have carried from LFCCM 2020 on Wednesday 13 May. So there is still an opportunity to enjoy contemporary music from the LFCCM in May - in the comfort of your own home!

What happens to Call for Scores submissions submitted for LFCCM 2020?

All Call for Scores submissions accepted for LFCCM 2020 will be rolled over to LFCCM 2021. There is no need to resubmit your works.

Will there be a Call for Scores later in 2020?

Yes, but it will differ from previous years. Under normal circumstances, Call for Scores is open for submissions between September and November each year for selection and performance in May of the the following year. As submissions from 2019 will be now be performed in 2021 instead of in 2020, there will be no full-scale Call for Scores in 2020.

The dates for LFCCM 2021 cover a slightly different period than those of LFCCM 2020. LFCCM 2020 did not include Ascension Day or Ascension Sunday; LFCCM 2021 begins on Ascension Sunday. For this reason, a small-scale Call for Scores will be held this year, focussing solely on works specific to Ascensiontide. We expect this to open slightly later (probably mid-September) and close slightly earlier (probably mid-October) than the usual Call for Scores window.

Call for Scores will return to normal in 2021, with submissions open between September and November 2021 for selection and performance during LFCCM 2022.

What happens to LFCCM 2020 events that were scheduled for participating churches and venues?

We are enormously grateful to all those churches and venues around London and beyond that contribute to the Festival. We will reach out to you later this year to arrange re-staging your event as part of LFCCM 2021.

In the meantime, we hope everyone, including all our participating composers, performers, and venues, stays safe and well during this difficult and uncertain time. We look forward to seeing you all in 2021!